We have curated the best team and academic associates to increase the academic success of every student or client. Providing quality proofreading, editing and thesis writing services. Spanning from thesis, dissertation, research proposals and data analysis. We deliver original and high quality research papers. Morever, time consciousness is key to our service offering. We obey and deliver promptly based on the timeframe of our clients and associates. Student Privacy and anonymity have been the foundation of our service. We encrypt and protect every data and communication.

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Proofreading/Editing Services

Hand in your thesis or research paper which needs to be proofread/edited to meet the standards of PhD, Masters and Journal paper presentation. Our well knolwedged team will give you an excellent editing and proofreading service. For over 10years numerous papers have been shaped to meet the highest of standards in publication and school acceptance. With our experts being supervisors, they will help you succeed with your academic papers.

Thesis Writing Services

Contemplating on how to start your research papers or having difficulties to complete your thesis successfully? We are at your service to even provide research topics that meets PhD, MSc and Journal Publication. Besides the free topic provision, our team of experts are ready to assist you write your PhD, Masters and Resarch papers successfully. Having supported many students and clients, you will not be wrong to trust us with your research. We are ready 24/7 to assist you with the necessary research writing services for academic success.

PhD Dissertation

Our team of doctorate and PhD holders have spent countless times assisting, guiding and supporting PhD students with their research papers and dissertations. We provide high level PhD and Dissertation writing services. Taking into consideration the academic tone, analysis construction and efficient delivery mechanisms. We also offer pro - bono advise on the PhD academic journey. We are ready to assist you with academic success.

Academic Tone
Writing with specific academic tone and sentence construction helps to adjudicate PhD level thesis or dissertations.

Detailed Analysis
We take time to sift through various data and related studies to bring out novel PhD dissertation contents and write ups.

Comparative Analysis
Having deep experties within various fields helps to provide well thoughtful comparative analysis with other studies.

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Masters Thesis

Supporting Masters thesis and other research papers span from MPhil, MSc, MBA and other related qualifications. Our team of experts have the requisit skills to provide excellent standardized thesis support for Masters students. Every Masters students have been well satisfied with the services provided for them. Providing above the standard structure of masters thesis, clarity in writing and detailed analysis have been very efficient and beneficial for every students academic success.

Masters thesis structure is crucial to every student writing their thesis on the academic journey. Our team provides efficient thesis structure.

Research paper needs to provide the best clarity to the supervisor and external supervisors to guarantee academic success.

Detailed Analysis
Bringing meaningful analysis to the data gathere for the study is essential for every thesis. Crisp data analysis is key to success.
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Journal Articles

Every journal publication hub have specific requirements that is used to ascertain research paper is fit for publication. With over 10years of helping to publish documents, our experts are ready to assist in journal editing, writing and support for publication. There is no need for contemplation, your publication success is guaranteed.

Efficient Write up
Our team takes into consideration every piece and bits of journal writing and simplication. Compressing data while making it meaningful is crucial.

Maintain a journal or article writeup within the standard acceptable framework is crucial for successful publication.

Indepth Analysis
Our team has the prowes to summarizing findings for article and journal publications have proved to be critical for publication.
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With our technical expertise cutting across various levels of qualification. Our team can assist through PhD, Doctoral, Masters and Journal/articles for publications. Considering areas with deep knowledge such as Computer science, Business Administration, Social Sciences, Actuarial sciences, Environmental and Mathematical engineering. We have a deep collection of research frameworks and guidelines for all levels of qualification. This gives the edge to initiate services on any field and qualification of study.
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Statisfied clients

Delivering research papers that meets quality standards and clients expectations is our most cherished goal. Providing standardized and customized research is the core foundation of each and every work. We do not have generic writeup for students. Each work is customized with originality in mind. We meet our clients expectation and offers a timely response to each and every client.

“ I was sceptical about handing over my thesis to Oxglow Analytics, however, upon taking the blind leap of faith, the over met my expectations. My thesis was in the field of Computer Science MSc. They delivered and stayed with my work until final submission and supported my through the defence. ”
- Steven McCarthy

“ Their team is committed to ensure you complete the work. They supported me in my MSc Business Administration thesis. Providing me the necessary editing and writing service. ”
- Theresah Tetteh

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