Our team of data scientists and research analysts are ready to provide you with excellent data analysis for your PhD or Masters thesis or research work. With over 10years experience in gathering research data and analysis for research findings and conclusion. Expertise in descriptive statistics and regression analysis can be of help to your thesis and research work. We will support you with Indepth Data Analysis that brings meaning to the research objectives. Our strengths cuts across quantitative and qualitative data analysis. Providing you with quality and meaningful analysis, timely delivery and privacy protection services.

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Our team of experts are vested in the process of data gathering and analysis. Thus either qualitative or quantitative data gathering with interviews and questionnaires respectively. The use of offline and online strategies and mediums of data gathering have proved to be crucial to our clients and students. Data analysis with Regression Analysis, SWOT, Panel, Bayesian, Gap among a few goes to strengthen our potentials in many ways. Being effective in data presentation gives a crisp indepth knowledge on every research work.

Data Gathering
Our curated experts are able to gather data offline, this spans between Northern to Southern part of Ghana. Online databases for gathering data like Statista, World Bank among a few.

Data Analysis
We can assist with Analysis of all kinds: SWOT | Panel | Bayesian | Conjoint | Gap | Contrarian | SWOT | Principal components | Regression discontinuity and more

Presenting your work in a simplifid but eloquent form is critical to success. We are ready to use PPT and other softwares to achieve efficient presentation.
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Research Methods

Our experience in various research methods is useful in various research jurisdictions. Thus, Time Series Analysis, including Vector Autoregression (VAR), Vector Error-correction Models (VECM), and GARCH and its variants (NGARCH, EGARCH, etc.) Neural Nets, Computational Mathematics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Markov Chain Monte Carlo and similar methods Multivariate Analysis (with multiple outcome variables), such as MANOVA and MANCOVA. Survival Analysis including Kaplan-Meier Analysis can be used to assist various research and thesis.

Analytical Tools

Our team experience and indepth knowledge in statistical packages cannot be questioned. With over 10,000 analysis conducted from various research and specific data analysis assignment we are ready to assist you your thesis. Ranging from MATLAB Simulation, Probability distribution functions in R, Pearson and Factor Analysis in SPSS. We are vested in almost every statistical tool. Thus, including but not limited to R, Matlab, SPSS, SAS, Stata, MPLUS, LISREL, AMOS, EQS, PASS, Maple, Mathematica, SPLUS, and many others

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Statisfied clients

The support provided to students and clients in data analysis is not just bringing statistical tools for comprehension through data. However, we provided simplicity and advanced data analysis. This brings meaning to the data and findings of each and every thesis or research work. Data should not be complex in context of the analytical tools, but easy to comprehend. Each work is approach with customed data analysis, either descriptive, scientific or inference statistics, we help you achieve academic and data analysis success.
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